Chemical Agent Videos
Tear Gas Resource



Gas Mask Training 1918
M17 Gas Mask Fitting and Drill 1961 US Army Training Film
M-95 Gas Mask Training Part one
M-95 Gas Mask Training Part two
Fit Testing circa 1930
Horses Wearing Respirators
New Military Gas Masks
UK GSR New Respirator
Garret Morgan Gas Mask 1912
CAI Clearing Drills
How to Make Gas Mask at Home


GasRam™ and BurnSafe™


BearCat™ and the GasRam™
GasRam™ and BurnSafe™ Inside
BurnSafe™ Burning in Open Field
GasRam™ in USMC Chamber
BurnSafe™ inside Gas House
Fike Disc Test on GasRam™
Setting the GasRam™ Outside and Inside
Setting the GasRam™ 2
BearCat Knocking Down Wall With GasRam™
GasRam™ on "The Rook", an armored critical incident vehicle
GasRam™ Being Inserted Through Stucco Wall
GasRam™ Being Inserted Through Stucco Wall with BearCat
Lenco Gas Injection Unit (GIU) flaming Out
How not to use your BearCat with tear gas
HandSafe™ on Gasoline Soaked Carpet
Burnsafe™ in Vehicle Demo
BurnSafe™ on Gasoline Soaked Carpet




Cobra StunLight™ 1
Cobra StunLight™ 2
Cobra StunLight™t 3
Shot with StunLight

Pyrotechnic Devices    

OC Flameless Demo
CS Pocket Tactical LCT50 Exposure
Burning Agent Inside Building

Instantaneous Discharge    

Muzzle Blast
Blast Grenade
Muzzle Blast Used in Crowd Control
Muzzle Blast Evolution




100 years of Tear Gas from
LECCO Tear Gas in LE

Vintage Pen Gun Demo
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - PepperBall
Methods of Delivery
Pure Energy SWAT School
SWAT Academy Chemical Agents Training
Hot Shot
Decon OC
Ferret Round Damage from Pasadena Texas
Tear Gas Grenade Clearout Demonstration
Manville Gas Gun (Launcher) from 1930's
Clear Out Aerosol Training Canister
LASD Riot Incident

Illegal Aliens rushing Border Patrol Tijuana River 2013
What's Inside Tear Gas _ (from Wired)
U.S. Army Riot Control Agents
A-Range Water Tower Falling


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