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There are many different non-lethal chemical agents available to us in a crowd control situation. The most common practice is to use a pyrotechnic (burning) chemical agent. These are usually hand delivered to the release line. Most of these type devices can also be launched from a distance with absolutely no exact placement meaning no control on what they are going to hit. In the Middle East many protesters are injured by the flying projectiles.

When hand delivering pyrotechnic agents there is the possibility they can be picked up and thrown back at you. Have a contingency plan for that. Many agencies are using PepperBall Launchers to discourage anyone that is getting close to a burning canister from trying to pick it up or move towards the police. Be sure to review the latest 9th circuit court ruling before adopting that tactic.

Some agencies are using liquid devices generally thought of as your hand held OC. However, there are other devices available that expend much more liquid agent and from distances up to 40 feet. Handheld Personnel OC sprayers typically are 3 -4 oz. Very large bottles run upwards of 46 oz. These devices are generally thought of as safer to use and can’t be thrown back.

The X-10 PepperJet system from Hydro Force, is a large (2 liters) cylinder containing Oleoresin Capsicum (OC-Pepper Spray). Combined with a backpack, high pressure hose, and gem-grip handle with replaceable nozzle spray tips, the X-10 is a large, yet portable OC delivery system.

In testing by CATO’s Ken Hubbs, “this professionally constructed system demonstrated its versatility in delivering a large number of controllable burst of OC through either a fog or spray tip. The fog tip allows for wide area saturation, while the spray tip gives up to a 50-foot spray distance.

Reloadable, the X-10 system is designed to be quickly and efficiently reloaded in the field. With the reloading equipment, the X-10 can be refilled with OC and charged up with C02 and back into action in about 5 minutes. This is a favorable feature during a large civil disturbance.

Up to 200 short bursts with just a few minutes of practice, an operator can accurately and consistently get upwards of 200 one half to one second bursts of OC. Each burst contains enough OC to effectively move a large number of persons.”

The X-10 can be adapted easily for right or left hand operation. The unit can be handed off from operator to operator without modification. The backpack system with the X-10 provides for comfortable yet stable control of the system. The unit has two wands. One is used for a stream and the other for a fog. The stream allows the officer to be 40 to 50 feet away from the target. The fog is for closer work. The quick release nozzle system allows for fast and easy changes in spray pattern.

The X-10 delivers a visible stream 40 to 50 feet away in calm wind conditions. When standing even out to 60 feet away, the OC was strong enough to force CATO testers to move away.

The backpack holds the X10 securely and comfortably while allowing for the bottle to be quickly removed for refilling. The visible pressure gauge allows the operator to know when it’s time to refill as well as the condition of bottles during storage.




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