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"Whether you were a born leader or are trying to become one, developing your leadership potential will open endless opportunities and help you make the best of them." Jeffrey Christien

Jeffery Christien is the CEO of an Executive search firm that spends its time looking for leaders. His statement is also very true in our profession. The road to leadership in today's world is more competitive and challenging than ever. The rapid pace of our profession pushes the speed of our decisions. All decisions need not be as rapid as we are use to making them in the field.

While the path to that risk taking may be swift, it is not always easy. Much is expected of those that would be a leader: strong leadership skills, experience, and lasting relationships with your colleagues and peers - both within and outside of your department.

It is important to develop your Chemical Agent leadership skills from the moment you start your career as a chemical agent instructor and an operator and to continue to improve them throughout your upward movement within your team. You must be driven, have high energy and motivation, and be willing to work hard and smart. If you are willing to take on more responsibility you will see faster growth in your career.

Strive for the following objectives:

Developing relationships --and the communications skills that make them possibilities key people within and outside your department is critical to your success. Some ideas that may help you:

To be a leader you also need to be, if possible, the resident expert in your assignment and understand the operations of your team and your department. So make career choices that give you broad knowledge of both and its operations. Also:

Above all, keep your eye on the big picture. Look at what you are doing and if it helps the team and the department, you will maintain that competitive edge needed for a leadership role in your team and the department.

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