How to Become an Expert


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Do you know the definition of an expert? An expert is defined as:

“…a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field.”

Chemical agent instructors should be able to avoid civil judgments by being cognizant of the problems pertaining to chemical agent’s deployment and instruction, and by conducting classes in a safe and reasonable manner. This requires a professional and ongoing approach to the skills, knowledge, and experience that are necessary to safely and efficiently deploy your chemical agents. Non-lethal chemical agent skills are perishable. As with any skill or expertise, continuing training and practice are needed on a regular basis. The importance of current information should not be overlooked when using and deploying chemical agents. At the very least you should:

California Evidence Code Section 720(a) states that a person is qualified to testify as an expert witness if he/she has, “Special knowledge, skill, experience, training or education sufficient to qualify him as an expert on the subject to which his testimony relates.” It continues to say these qualifications must be shown in court and are subject to objection by the other party.

Some of the things that we can do to become a chemical agent’s expert are:

Cultivate your sources

Share your knowledge




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